28 July 2014

The Little Bandana

You may see it in a picture made by a Nashville photographer or in some ELLE pictorial. You may see the bandana.. Yep, I’m talking about the thing you have seen many times on some 53-year-old biker.
This year, the bandana was gracefully worn by the male models on the Louis Vuitton and Saint Laurent runway shows. It is quite possible that this little thing is the new big must have. You can see it really often on RIhanna’s neck, head and hand. The star famous star owns many bandanas, which are helping her mixing high fashion shoes with streetwear accessories. And she is absolutely rocking this trend like no one else. Also, Candice Swanepoel, the Victoria’s Secret sweetheart was seen rocking a blue bandana, while being extremely cute, walking her puppy.

If you remember the 90’s iconic movie ‘Clueless’ you have to picture one of those high school queens being a total diva, while rocking the decade’s seminal fashion flick. Also, the glamorous ‘Jenny from the block’ rocked one white bandana, while being out with her hubby at the time, Sean Combs aka Puff Daddy. And if we’re talking rap, we must mention the grand late star Tupac Shakur. The bandana was not only a thing on his head, but a huge part of his style and of the way we remember the rap king. T upac Shakur is as synonymous with the red bandana as he is with the rap game. That’s a huge reason to love this old and new thing.

There’s no exact date of when it appeared, but we know one thing-everyone loves it. Bikers, hip hop stars, teenagers and fancy designers are showing us how to wear these headscarves in different ways and on different parts of our bodies.

Remember Jane Birkin and her wrist bandana? Or Robert Redford and his classic neckerchief? These are another two examples of how cool is this little piece.
Next time when you go the shopping mall and you see a beautiful bandana, take it and let it be your little nice accessory. It will add a little color and style to your whole outfit. 


27 July 2014

Sweet Treats Recipe Book

I recently got asked by our church to design & photograph a recipe book to help them raise funds to send a lucky lady to Sisters Conference this year. I thought I would show a little taster of what it looks like on here. 

For those who would be interested in helping fundraise it's selling for $30.00 only and you can contact shelleylamborn@gmail.com to order one.

23 July 2014

Red Letter Jewellery

Today has been one of the coldest days here in Hawkes Bay, I am definitely not a fan of winter that's for sure. I have been tucked inside with a wriggly little baby who has been a bit grumpy. Which has left me in front of the computer screen looking at these beautiful pieces from Red Letter Jewellery. Make sure you pop in and say hi!

21 July 2014

Make Your Own Pop Art Pet Portrait


Since we have a beautiful pug called Lola who I love to photograph, I thought this tutorial is actually worth giving a go! Such a great idea, especially if you don't have the software to create something like this. I'm guessing you can be as creative as you want with this and you could even use photo's of babies, parents, girlfriends etc..how amazing it it that when you pop something into a white frame it just smartens it up as well as the room it is in.

Make Your Own Pop Art Pet Portrait

1. You will need:
Spray glue, a white frame, pink and orange paper, a photo, a photocopier and scissors

2. Cut out the photo of your pet, and photocopy it onto pink paper

3. Cut out the pink paper with your pet on it and paste it onto your orange piece of paper

4. Frame it! Finish!

14 July 2014

Natural Parenting

After having Leon I have found a new awareness of natural parenting. At our playgroup I found a great magazine I thought a friend of mine would be interested called The Natural Parent. However I ended up reading half of it and found it really awesome. I then started flicking through the back pages and found Made4baby which is natural baby products which I absolutely love! I didn't think much of using general cleaning products for babies to start of with, until I actually had my own baby, and I then discovered how sensitive their skin can be. I am also a big fan of the Little Hearts natural bib & teether set which Leon loves, especially now that he has started to teeth! 

11 July 2014

Happy Home Living

Since we bought our house we had to fix a few things on it just like any new home owner would. Most of the time I have no clue what to do, so we rely heavily on friends & family's advice obviously. I also found this website called Hardware Online which I found really helpful. I have found quite a few tools and cables on our house on Hardware Online which has been super helpful. 

I find it so much easier buying online now than actually physically going into a shop since I have become a mum. You don't realise how much stuff you have to carry with you 24/7 when you have a baby and kids to look after. I'm guessing that 90% of woman with babies do their shopping online! It's just so much easier right?

04 July 2014

How To Find Uncommon Goods For Your House

caterpillar bud vase

Vintage Camera Pillows

Grow your own terrarium
Honeycomb decorative accent shelf

Hooray it's the weekend at last! I get to have some "me time" and by "me time" I mean time to sit on my bum on my laptop and dream about beautiful home décor for our new house. I wasn't aware that setting up a home takes so much research and vision. We have now realised that we enjoy the "less is more" type of home and slowly but surely I have started clearing out the stuff from five years ago that just wasn't us anymore. Fortunately for us we stumbled upon UncommonGoods home décor. 

One thing I didn't realise was how expensive setting up a home can be, especially if you are interested in running a theme through your house. This why we went for a more cleaner look since we have furniture from mine and Mike's flatting days, combined with my parents dining table etc.. That's why we found UncommonGoods so good because it has exactly what it says it has, unique items to make your home look fabulous.

In my online research on the newest trends, you would have noticed that the scandinavian look has taken off all over the internet stores. They seems to go for more of a natural interior environment. Things like geometrical shapes, wood & neutral colour tones, combined with with plants seem to have hit almost every Pinterest page out there it seems. 

Cute terrariums filled with moss on a wooden board in an empty white room transports us back to a more natural simplistic space and time. And to be quite frank it creates more of a relaxed atmosphere as well. I have shared a few favourites of mine on here today. Initially my idea was to put the honeycomb decorative accent shelf in Leon's room for all his little books. I want the terrarium to go on my dresser because I like a bit of green in the bedroom, and it's great for improving the air quality indoors. The vintage camera cushions would go on our bed of course, they would look great with a white duvet cover. Finally we get to the caterpillar bud vase. This would look great on our kitchen table with some freshly snipped camellias in them (if you follow us on Instagram you would have noticed that I have a bit of a fetish for this beautiful flower). 

I could spend hours whiling away the time on this wonderful site, filling our house full of stylish things to make it just the way I want it. I only hope my husband will one day let me make this reality!

28 June 2014

How To Make An Ombre Cake

My birthday is coming up next week (2nd of July) and I am yet to master making an epic cake! I have been on Utube finding out how to make an Ombre cake and stumbled upon this fantastic tutorial! This gets me so excited to bake my cake I have to admit! Fingers crossed I don't make a mess out of it.

21 June 2014

Daily Typography Inspirations

Some beautiful inspirational typography to start the day with from Daily Typography Inspiration. We are on our way to the beach today, hope you all have a beautiful day with family & friends.

20 June 2014


Happy 4 months my little monkey! It's been an amazing journey so far and it seems to be getting better and better the older he gets. Soon we will start on solids which will be exciting! We are enjoying Leon so much, it's so amazing to have your own child.

09 June 2014

Renovated Retro Caravan

You might have seen us share this link on our Facebook page, but I thought it was worth sharing it again for those who haven't seen it. This beautiful fully restored retro caravan is up for grabs here. Just had to share this, as I haven't seen anybody in New Zealand do this. Some people are so clever!

29 May 2014

Floral Duvet Covers

I have been hanging out all week for this parcel to arrive at my doorstep and boy was it worth the wait. The reason why I love Joules duvet covers because when you get sick of looking at one side you just flip it over to the other side and you have a new look instantly! Pretty neat huh? The other side has minty stripes on it for a more simplistic look. I chose the ruby floral duvet cover because it goes nicely with our mint bedside cabinets and 

I think little Leon loves the new duvet cover as well as he was staring at all the pretty floral colours when I first put it on. I wonder what babies must think when they see all these new patterns, colours and shapes.Lola on the other hand was up to her old tricks running up and down the hallway with all the packaging of course...gosh pugs are handwork lol !

14 May 2014

Happy 3 Months

Yesterday we celebrated Leon turning 3 months old which was pretty surreal. I have been waiting for the "3month" mark as apparently things get easier. Maybe it's a mental thing or it's a real fact but I actually agree, it already does seem to be a bit easier. His longest sleep goes for between 5-7 hours at night usually. 

At 3 months Leon:
Makes coo noises
Has a chuckle 
Enjoys tummy time and can hold his neck up very well
Needs to be wrapped to have a proper sleep
Loves his milk
Hardy ever does a poo haha
Smiles all the time
Wants to be held a lot
Looks at Lola chasing her own tail

09 May 2014

Handmade Toys

Got to love handmade toys, they seem to have a bit more character.
 Especially the toys from PoosacI actually find all the toys on there freaking funny! 

Happy weekend Friday.

30 April 2014


I finally ordered a wrapping paper book filled with a bunch of beautiful paper from Wholeport. It's so handy for all those little gifts you need to quickly wrap. I found a good bunch of beautiful bits of bobs on Wholeport including the cute little stickers & the silicone tray as well which helps my cakes come out perfect. Personally I like silicone trays as it prevents your baking from crumbling when you try to get them out of the tray. 

29 April 2014

The Kontora Sisters

The Kontora Sisters are Katya and Nastia from Simferopol in the Ukraine. I found these girls on Instagram and fell in love with their beautiful pieces of jewellery. My favourites probably has to be the little crown rings which I think is adorable.

24 April 2014

Wall Decals

Recently I have been adding a stag head, triangular wall decals and a bit of typography to my Graphic Design Freelancing folder on our Facebook page which I have just loved designing. I also take custom orders if your interested or you can also buy these listed here.
Contact me here.

15 April 2014

Trending Interior Picks From Etsy

Small Geometric Faceted Wood Vase – Flower vase, Bud vase – Geometric Design, Modern Home Decor $34.34 

Snowy Mountain Wooden Ring $22.50 nz

A few of my favourite interior picks from Etsy at the moment. I am trying to figure out how to keep things in our house minimal but really cool at the same time. I also have to be aware of not mixing too many colours in one room either which I find a bit hard to be honest especially if you have to work with what you got. It's always a good idea to buy neutral colours I guess. White and black is probably always safe. 

I always admire Bluebird Vintage's home & Black Bird's styling abilities. It's actually harder than it seems to get your home to look as good as theirs do. 


10 April 2014

Gift Ideas For Guys: Clinique Skin Supplies For Men

Whoever has a boyfriend or husband that surfs you know what I am talking about when it comes to boys and their horrible habits of not looking after their skin right?  Thank goodness Clinique skin supplies for men has come to my rescue as it's an ongoing battle to even get him to apply sunscreen. No more excuses Mr! Tonight your getting a facial haha...

05 April 2014

It's a pug life

Jamie Kay wall decals | Horse Duvet from Joules  | Handmade poppoms

Obviously all our attention has been on Leon, but we haven't forgotten our little Lola. Man she is so full on that Mike has to take her to school with him for me to get some peace and quite here at home. It's like having two babies to deal with. If Lola isn't barking Leon awake she is either stomping all over my laptop while I feed Leon or jumping up onto the kitchen table looking for treats.

I didn't realise that pug puppies have soooo much energy which means we actually have to take her for a walk at least everyday or she will starting chewing on everything or start to dig holes in our lawn....phew! Hard work raising a child and looking after a puppy. But very rewarding at the same time. 

We love you little Lola.